The Madness Of Setting A GoodReads Reading Goal

Right off the bat – I’ve got a nine month old daughter. This is reason enough to steer clear of the GoodReads Challenge 2018, but like a weary glutton for punishment I stumble onto the website on January 3rd in a fog of wine, chocolate orange and stuffing and before I know what’s happening…. 100 books by the end of the year. This is complete insanity.

I have, however, bought myself a lovely new notebook with which to record my efforts (that was part of the problem last year, I stopped updating my profile for a few months and then, quite frankly, couldn’t be bothered catching up). I have also purchased a Passion Planner, within whose gorgeous folds I shall be planning my passions and scheduling my reading time.

It’s like school all over again. I can’t decide if this is good or a bad thing.

Even my mother comments on this.

I like the idea of completing the challenge – it’s the literary equivalent of doing a half marathon, only no one will sponsor you, tough, as books are expensive, but you also have zero chance of developing shin splints…

The issue is that I am a very competitive but essentially very lazy person. I will start with great gusto and then peter out as I realise that these ‘other people’ (you know who you are Tweeps) who are constantly crowing  about demolishing their yearly total by March (URGH) have left me for dust, by which point I just sort of slow down gradually until I grind to a complete halt.

But this year will be different! I have a notebook!

And I’m four books down already…