A Bawdy Night of Bard and Booze


What happens when Britain’s greatest Bard meets tequila swigging Yanks off Broadway??

Genius happens. Silly, rude, sloshing Genius.

5 Stars

When booking to take out two sober pregnant ladies, one of whom has made a career out of studying and staging the Swan of Avon’s work – a more sensible man might have avoided a show with the title ‘Drunk Shakespeare’. Luckily I’m not married to a sensible man.

The premise of the show is that a nominated actor, each performance, is forced to down multiple shots and is then challenged to perform in a cut back version of a classic Shakespeare play: “Macbeth”. Our nominated actor was Hayley Palmer – and my my she was a valiant Lady Macbeth!


The format is not in itself a new concept. There’s Drunk History for starters and the Reduced Shakespeare Company has been producing abridged versions of the plays for donkey’s years. (I’m also fairly certain that I’ve seen really bad student takes on it at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival).

The thing that’s so wonderful about this production is that it dances between decent delivery of the key speeches throughout the play and bizarre, high energy current events sketches and improv. The cast’s ability to maintain an almost frantic approach for the full, uninterrupted 90 mins was impressive, and it’s genuinely funny.


The show is clearly very tightly edited – despite the ‘off-the-cuff’ style of performance – but it allows just enough room for playing with the audience and the actors are skilled in bouncing off one another. They work hard to cultivate a feeling of being ‘in cahoots’ with the audience, from the gorgeous close quartered library set to the sharp, but never nasty, banter that flies across the stage.

This won’t be for you if you can’t bear to see the poetry butchered – or if you are squeamish about bad language and badly simulated sex – but if you like to laugh and like your classics tossed up with a decent helping of pop culture, this is one of the best nights out I’ve had in years – even stone cold sober.



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